Ing. Stefan Szepe, the founder and owner of Generis Limited has over 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering and more than 15 years experience in bicycle, tricycle and quadricycle production.

Generis Ltd. specializes in the design and development of custom made and hand built bicycles, tricycles and quadricycles. Our team is using an innovative approach, complimented by modern technology techniques to produce environmentally friendly products for modern day commuting.

Our range includes high quality rickshaws, work bikes, cargo bikes, hand bikes and bikes for special needs which provide stability and enjoyment on three or four wheels. We are also offering the option to furbish your existing or new bike with a high quality electric motor.


Production program

- Tricycles

- Children's tricycles

- Industrial tricycles

- Handbikes

- Tandems

- Rickshaw

- Prototypes

- Special needs

- Diferencial